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Archivo por meses: noviembre 2019


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  • Greed: The Mad ScientistSteam
  • 1912 Titanic MysterySteam
  • Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands (Premium Edition)Steam1
  • Unsolved Mystery Club: Ancient Astronauts (Collector´s Edition)Steam
  • MiniGolfSteam12
  • The Chronicles of Jonah and the WhaleSteam1
  • Mythic Pearls: The Legend of TirnanogSteam1
  • The Chronicles of King Arthur: Episode 2 - Knights of the Round TableSteam1
  • The Far Kingdoms: ElementsSteam1
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Venture Toon Bundle

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  • Mortadelo y Filemón: Una aventura de cine - Edición especialSteam1
  • Mortadelo y Filemón: Operación MoscúSteam
  • Dráscula: The Vampire Strikes BackSteam
  • The Abbey - Director's cutSteam
  • SleepwalkerSteam12
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Cybersecurity 2019 by Packt

Paga mínimo 1$ para obtener

  • Practical Web App Pentesting with Kali LinuxVideo
  • Practical Linux Security SolutionsVideo
  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessment for EnterprisesVideo
  • Kali Linux Web Penetration Testing CookbookEbook

Paga mínimo 8$ para obtener

  • Hands-On Web Penetration Testing with Kali LinuxVideo
  • Cyber Threat HuntingVideo
  • Ethical Hacking MasterclassVideo
  • Hands-On IoT Penetration TestingVideo
  • Learning Kali LinuxVideo
  • Kali Linux 2018: Assuring Security by Penetration TestingEbook
  • Becoming the HackerEbook1
  • Hands-On Red Team TacticsEbook1

Paga mínimo 15$ para obtener

  • Mastering Linux Security and HardeningEbook1
  • Web Penetration Testing with Kali LinuxEbook1
  • Practical Cyber IntelligenceEbook12
  • Learning Windows Penetration Testing Using Kali LinuxVideo
  • End-to-End Penetration Testing with Kali LinuxVideo
  • Hands-On AWS Penetration Testing with Kali LinuxEbook
  • Mastering Kali Linux for Advanced Penetration TestingEbook1
  • Practical Mobile ForensicsEbook1
  • Learning Malware AnalysisEbook1
  • Cybersecurity - Attack and Defense StrategiesEbook12
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Paga mínimo 2,49$ para obtener

  • Weather Lord: Following the Princess Collector's EditionSteam1
  • The Saint: Abyss of DespairSteam1234
  • Twilight City: Love as a CureSteam12345
  • Mystery Castle: The Mirror's SecretSteam1234
  • The Esoterica: Hollow EarthSteam1234
  • Mystery LossSteam12
  • Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death Collector's EditionSteam123
  • Pit Blocks 3DSteam1
  • Tangled Up!Steam123
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