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DIG Weekly Bundle 119

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  • HeadsnatchersSteam
  • REFUGESteam
  • Mad Hunting Simulator VRSteam
  • Kitten and food: adventure parkSteam
  • MPaliensSteam
  • Put inSteam
  • Forest WoodmanSteam
  • Stunt HillSteam
  • HockeysplitSteam
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Project Management by Taylor & Francis

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  • From Projects to ProgramsEbook
  • A Holistic Approach to Lessons LearnedEbook
  • Culturally Tuned Change ManagementEbook
  • IT Project ManagementEbook
  • The Human Factor in Project ManagementEbook
  • Turtle Design in a Rabbit AgeEbook

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  • Borderless LeadershipEbook
  • Project Scope ManagementEbook
  • Creative, Efficient, and Effective Project ManagementEbook
  • Applying Guiding Principles of Effective Project ManagementEbook
  • Systematic Strategic PlanningEbook
  • Maximizing Benefits from IT Project ManagementEbook
  • PMI-PBA Exam Practice Test and Study GuideEbook
  • Creating a Greater Whole: A Project Manager's Guide to Becoming a LeaderEbook

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  • Project Management Lessons LearnedEbook
  • Project Business ManagementEbook
  • The Four Pillars of Project Portfolio ManagementEbook
  • Project. Program. ChangeEbook
  • Leading Virtual Project TeamsEbook
  • Case Studies in Strategic PlanningEbook
  • Leadership in Chaordic OrganizationsEbook
  • Crisis Management Planning and ExecutionEbook
  • Organizational Crisis ManagementEbook
  • Managing Project CompetenceEbook
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