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Definitive Guides to All Things Programming by O’Reilly

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  • Maven: The Definitive Guide: Table of ContentsEbook
  • Ethernet: The Definitive Guide: Designing and Managing Local Area NetworksEbook
  • Asterisk: The Definitive Guide: Open Source Telephony for the EnterpriseEbook
  • JavaScript: The Definitive GuideEbook
  • SSH, The Secure Shell: The Definitive GuideEbook1

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  • CSS: The Definitive Guide: Presentation for the WebEbook12
  • Cloud Foundry: The Definitive Guide: Develop, Deploy, and ScaleEbook1
  • Cassandra: The Definitive Guide: Distributed Data at Web ScaleEbook1
  • Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide: A Distributed Real-Time Search and Analytics EngineEbook
  • Java Performance: The Definitive GuideEbook1

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  • MongoDB: The Definitive Guide Powerful and Scalable Data StorageEbook
  • Google BigQuery: The Definitive Guide: Data Warehousing, Analytics, and Machine Learning at ScaleEbook
  • Spark: The Definitive Guide: Big Data Processing Made SimpleEbook
  • Kafka: The Definitive Guide: Real-Time Data and Stream Processing at ScaleEbook1
  • Hadoop: The Definitive GuideEbook1
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