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Humble Intro to Code Bundle

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  • Learn Python Programming by Making a GameCurso12
  • Intro to Game DevelopmentCurso
  • Numpy Matrices and VectorsCurso
  • Learn HTML and CSS by creating a Responsive Company WebsiteCurso1
  • The Complete Responsive Web Design CourseCurso1

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  • VR Projects – Flying Platform ExperienceCurso
  • Create a Road Crossing Game with Phaser 3Curso1
  • Create a Spanish Teaching Game with Phaser 3Curso
  • Learn Angular by Creating a Web ApplicationCurso1
  • Blender for Beginners – Craft Low-Poly Game AssetsCurso
  • Create Your First 3D GameCurso
  • JavaScript Programming – Learn by Making a Mobile GameCurso
  • Beginning SQL – Store and Query Your DataCurso12

Paga mínimo 25$ para obtener

  • Procedural Content Generation with UnityCurso
  • VR Projects – 360 Photo ExperienceCurso
  • Build a Virtual Pet Game with Phaser 3Curso1
  • Python Image Processing – Make Instagram-Style FiltersCurso
  • Create a Raspberry Pi Smart Security CameraCurso
  • The Complete Artificial Neural Network CourseCurso
  • RPG Game Development – Turn-Based Battle SystemsCurso
  • Audio Effects and Soundtracks in Unity GamesCurso
  • Data Manipulation with PandasCurso
  • The Complete Guide to Bootstrap 4Curso
  • Discover jQuery – Create Interactive WebsitesCurso
  • Create an RPG Town with NPCs and DialogsCurso

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