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Humble Learning Game Coding and Development Bundle

Paga mínimo 1$ para obtener

  • Godot Game Development for BeginnersCurso1
  • Intro to RPG Development with PhaserCurso1
  • Intro to Game Development with UnityCurso123
  • Create Your First 3D Game with UnityCurso12
  • Unity 2D Projects – Super PlumbersCurso1

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  • C++ Programming for BeginnersCurso1
  • Learn Python Programming by Making a GameCurso12
  • Build an RPG Adventure in PhaserCurso
  • Build a Micro-Strategy GameCurso1
  • Intro to Multiplayer Game DevelopmentCurso1
  • Battle Royale – Multiplayer ProjectsCurso1
  • Humanoid Animation Tools for BeginnersCurso
  • Develop a Puzzle Platformer GameCurso

Paga mínimo 25$ para obtener

  • Create a 2D RPG with GodotCurso
  • Learn C++ by Making a Text-Based RPGCurso1
  • The Complete Blender CourseCurso
  • Real-time Strategy Project – Unit MovementCurso
  • The Complete Procedural Terrain Generation CourseCurso
  • EasyAR and Marker-Based Apps for BeginnersCurso1
  • RPG – Multiplayer ProjectsCurso1
  • Turn-Based Game – Multiplayer ProjectsCurso
  • Player Authentication with Azure PlayFabCurso
  • Applied Computer Vision with Unity and AzureCurso
  • Tile-Based Math Game ProjectCurso
  • Unity Cinemachine for Films and GamesCurso

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